What happened on the View.

I rarely watch the View and now I know why… What happened with Whoppi and the Judge was vile. I am disappointed that these women acted so juvenile. Is this what this country has come too? Grown women yelling and screaming on afternoon TV about politics. Morning TV is supposed to entertain and inform. ABC you have crossed the line.





Dietland is about Plum Kettle (Joy Nash), a ghostwriter for Kitty Montgomery (Julianna Margulies), the editor of the teen fashion-and-beauty magazine Daisy Chain. Plum transcribes Kitty’s Letters to the Editor column, she reads and responds to young women stuck in various states of desperation. Plum, herself, is in an even more desperate place in her life: A morbidly obese woman who has tried every diet that exists (sounds like me). Plum is preparing to get her stomach stapled, and money is an issue because it’s expensive and then she will need inevitable skin-reduction surgery that will follow. Not sure I like the new series on AMC.  The first fifteen minutes drown in depression. Plum seemed paranoid and irritating. The dream scenes made me nauseated.  Sorry AMC I’m passing on this one!


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Enough all Ready

Okay, I admit what Rosanne Barr said was horrible but what the media is doing excommunicating and bullying her now is wrong. I rarely watch Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight but this evening I just happened to be flipping through the channels while I elevated my leg. What I saw was terrible. I was stunned listening to the judgmental celebrities and their hateful bashing toward Rosanne. What do they want her to do? Hang herself? Killing her off on the sitcom! That is outrageous! Why doesn’t ABC fire Joy Behar? What about Jimmy Kimmel’s antics. If words matter why is the media being so hateful?  They should practice what they preach.




Good Friday

Hey all,

So sorry I haven’t been on lately. So many things have been preventing me from writing. On Good Friday I was involved in a four-car accident which left me pretty banged up. Thank God I was not seriously injured. Talk about counting your blessings. I sure have. But it motivated me to work on my memoir. Yeah I know I have been talking it about it for some time. But listen. I mean it this time. I already have been busy working on it along with more artwork.
Stay tuned. Sorry this is short but I have to go make some popcorn for the  Haidmaiden’s Tale! LOL






Sorry for all the delays with my new publisher. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming. In the meantime. I decided to get my ancestry DNA. And what I found out blows my mind.




New publisher, new illustrator not enough time.

A year later and I have a new publisher and a new illustrator for Rocky. I feel like its ground hog day over and over.I can laugh it off because I know when one door closes a new door opens!

Coming July 20, Christmas in July. The latest edition of Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree with vibrant new digital illustrations by Dina Colangelo of Murrysville, PA.

The most magical time of the year in New York City comes in November with the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Because of the significance of the occasion, evergreens from all around the world dream of becoming the Rockefeller Christmas Tree – and young Rocky is no exception. The only problem? As a small, rather unattractive sapling, Rocky can barely compete with the more robust specimens seeking to steal the spotlight he so desperately craves; however, with a little help – and a strong belief in himself – Rocky may just see his long-held dream finally come true…


Published by Ingram Lightning Source. Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a heartwarming tale for readers of all ages. Touching on such universal themes as keeping the faith, believing in oneself, and persevering through adversity makes the story particularly appealing to young readers. By crafting Rocky as a flawed, yet determined tree – rather than an immaculate, undefeatable hero – readers easily relate to his passionate quest to succeed, despite the obstacles standing in his way.

Available in e-book, paperback and hardback through by Ingram Lightning Source and amazon publishing LLC.  Rocky is available for pre-order now on amazon.


The From The Sky series was picked up by Story Merchant. What can I say things weren’t happening with Indigo Sea Press. I am not going to bash my old publisher because I truly think he tried.  But I will say. Do your research before you put your trust in a publisher. An author’s manuscript is their blood, sweat in tears.

Louis Joseph is available free thru June 5th!