Patience not my virture

Hello Peeps,

There are a lot of changes going on with my publisher these days. is changing to Indigo Sea Press, which is delaying the sequel and the new edited and illustrated Rocky. Although this change is a positive, it is nevertheless frustrating to the author. Patience is not my best virtue. This time is letting me acquainted with my spirit which is always good.

What most of my readers don’t know is, I deal with chronic back pain and the winter months are challenging.  I eat Advil like skittles these days. I also deal with and Sjögren’s and Hashimotto.  Sjögren’s  causes severe dry eye  not and something an author needs because it limits writing time. I’m not complaining some people have a lot worse to deal with. Both are auto immune diseases. Stress plays a key trigger so this publishing nightmare contributes to flare ups. Hopefully, 2016 will be better for me.

November was a great month for me. Because of my publicist and personal assistant I was able to establish a relationship with Barnes & Noble. On November 7 I had my first book signing which was a success. So much so the manager invited me back! Since my publisher is not one of the ‘Big Five’ brick and mortar stores are reluctant to take on the smaller press. With this success I hope my signing will open the doors to emerging authors.

Please encourage your friends and young adults to read From The Sky! I wrote this book to take readers on a journey without having to have a dictionary to look up words. This is a great book to read on holiday and Christmas break.

Don’t forget Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas. This lovable tale of courage and believing in oneself is a great holiday read for all children.

And please don’t forget about Louis Joseph’s Ooh Rah. I am donating all sales to the Wounded Warrior Project.





book signing 1booking signing 2






3 thoughts on “Patience not my virture

  1. Ann Ellis says:

    I won your Goodreads contest on March 15, 2016, the book “From the Sky.” Have it been sent yet? If so, is there away to track it? Thank you


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