New publisher, new illustrator not enough time.

A year later and I have a new publisher and a new illustrator for Rocky. I feel like its ground hog day over and over.I can laugh it off because I know when one door closes a new door opens!

Coming July 20, Christmas in July. The latest edition of Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree with vibrant new digital illustrations by Dina Colangelo of Murrysville, PA.

The most magical time of the year in New York City comes in November with the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Because of the significance of the occasion, evergreens from all around the world dream of becoming the Rockefeller Christmas Tree – and young Rocky is no exception. The only problem? As a small, rather unattractive sapling, Rocky can barely compete with the more robust specimens seeking to steal the spotlight he so desperately craves; however, with a little help – and a strong belief in himself – Rocky may just see his long-held dream finally come true…


Published by Ingram Lightning Source. Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a heartwarming tale for readers of all ages. Touching on such universal themes as keeping the faith, believing in oneself, and persevering through adversity makes the story particularly appealing to young readers. By crafting Rocky as a flawed, yet determined tree – rather than an immaculate, undefeatable hero – readers easily relate to his passionate quest to succeed, despite the obstacles standing in his way.

Available in e-book, paperback and hardback through by Ingram Lightning Source and amazon publishing LLC.  Rocky is available for pre-order now on amazon.


The From The Sky series was picked up by Story Merchant. What can I say things weren’t happening with Indigo Sea Press. I am not going to bash my old publisher because I truly think he tried.  But I will say. Do your research before you put your trust in a publisher. An author’s manuscript is their blood, sweat in tears.

Louis Joseph is available free thru June 5th!




2 thoughts on “New publisher, new illustrator not enough time.

  1. Ann Ellis says:

    I won Goodreads contest on March 15, 2016; “From the Sky.” I have not received it yet. Is there any way to trace the package? Thank you for your time.


  2. If Secondwind even sent it. If you email me your address and as soon as Story Merchant releases it I will make sure you get ‘From The Sky’ and The Sequel ‘Equinox’!! So sorry you got caught in the transition!


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