Accepting Book review submissions

Review Policy  ~

If you have published a book – whether you’re NYT Bestselling Author or it’s your first time – and would like to get in touch with me about possibly reviewing your title, please send me a message below.

Typically, I read books at my own pace two or three books per month but, when writing or working on publishing a title, I may only get around to reading one.

The reason why I decided to review books was because I found it very hard to get reviews myself. I believe in helping and supporting my fellow author.
I read paranormal, science fiction, historical and contemporary, erotica but no S&M like Fifty Shades of Grey romance.
I will make every effort to oblige, as long as it’s a subject matter I am interested in reading. I cannot guarantee when a review will be posted, though will let you know when it goes live. If you are requesting that I write a review as part of a blog tour, I will try my best to be part of it but would request that you give me, at least, two to three weeks notice.

I also prefer to receive a pdf file after I’ve agreed to review your book. You may do this one of two ways: by sending me a gift card/gift copy of your book through Amazon or by sending me the file directly. I will let you know my e-mail address at the time I agree to review your book.

Happy reading

And write!

Thank you for getting in touch with me! I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can.



Finding the Time

I wish I could just spend all day writing. I have several ideas in the works. But life sometimes get in the way. Oh well now If I was King, or Steele I am may have the time. It’s that damn day job that gets in my way.

I want to apologize to my goodread fans. I am still waiting of a release date for From The Sky.

Just a reminder From The Sky is a re-make of Moondust. I have a new publisher with that came new editing and some changes.


Hi Peeps

How do I ever begin to write when I have so much to do. I am gathering interview questions I need to do for my publisher. I would love to get some questions my readers would like me to answer so if you have the time please post them here! I could really use your help!


Getting Anxious!

Thanks for stopping by…

I keep checking my emails for more updates of From The Sky…If you go to Goodreads you can try for a chance to win a copy! I am giving away two copies. The contest ends March 28 so hurry!

I was going to start the third book in the series. I was not going to do a third book but some of my fans would like to see one.

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Latest updates!

I got an email from my publisher! Yippie! From The Sky should be available any day! I am so looking forward to getting good review! So if anyone would like to do one before its released shoot me an email and I will get you a ebook!


So many of my personality traits are weaved within my characters.  I have lot of the same insecurity as Sam. But most of my strengths are like Lucien. I have a sixth sense like Lucien. I mediate and channel my energy through crystals.  If you have any questions for myself or one of my characters drop me a line.